How To Read A Tire? - 15 Mart 2020

How to Read a Tire?
The sidewall of the tire is filled with information that shows all the information about the tire, if you want, let's take a look at this information with an example tire.

1. It shows the name of the tire brand.
2. It hows the belt structure of the tire, this tire is radial.
3. Indicates that the tire is the rear tire with the direction of the arrow.
4. It shows the size of the tire. The size of this tire is 180/55 ZR 17. 180; the width of the tread of the tire in mm, 55; the ratio of height to the back, ZR; It is a radial tire with a speed of 240 km / h and a top and 17; Indicates the rim diameter in inches.
5. M / C indicates that the tire has been manufactured for the motorcycle. 73W; 73 indicates the load index, that is, the index of the maximum weight that the tire can carry, where it corresponds to 365 kg. W is the tire's speed symbol, indicating that the tire is resistant to 270 km / h.
6. It is the name of the tread pattern of the tire.
7. USA. and the maximum load capacity and air pressure in accordance with Canadian regulations.
8. Indicates the use with or without bladder. For use with Tubetype tube, Tubeless tube.
9. D.O.T. shows compliance with American tire standards. The codes that follow are the producer codes. In this example; Factory code of HB tire, B2 mold code, 981T optional code, Last four digits show the production date (first two digits week of production, last two digits year of manufacture). For example; A tire dated 3515 means the 35th week of 2015 was produced.
10. Tire's ECE R-75 approval number; Demonstrates compliance with American and European standards.
11. It shows the country where the tire is produced.

Speed ​​Symbol and Load Index
The speed symbol indicates the highest speed at which a tire can withstand the maximum load specified by the tire manufacturer. The symbols are the same for all tire manufacturers.

The load index shows the maximum weight that a tire can carry in kg at the speed indicated by the speed symbol.

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