Tire Retrieval Guide - 26 Mart 2020

Tire Selection
Tires fitted on the new vehicle at the factory are called original equipment. In line with the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer and tire manufacturer, it is possible to install different tires on the vehicle, provided that the load index and speed symbol are observed.

Tire Control
Tires should be checked regularly, correct pressure control and tread control should be done to avoid serious problems.
You should pay particular attention to:

Check cut, puncture deformation or irregular wear in the back region;
Check cut, deformation or wear in the cheek area;
Wheel rim damage control in the heel area. If there is a suspicious situation, the tire interior should also be checked.

Tire Life
The raw material of the tire is made of different material types and components, the main material of which is the basis for the proper operation of the tire itself.

These features change over time. These changes for each tire depend on many factors such as climate, storage conditions (temperature, humidity, location, etc.), usage conditions (load, speed, inflation pressure, road damage, etc.) that the tire has been exposed to throughout its life.

These aging factors vary so much that it is impossible to predict the life of a tire with any accuracy.

Therefore, in addition to regular user checks, it is recommended to have the tires checked regularly by a qualified specialist who will determine whether the tire is suitable for continued operation.

Tires that have waited under the correct storage conditions up to 5 years from the date of manufacture are considered new. The tire life for tires up to 5 years old begins when the tire is used. It is very important that the tire is checked by a specialist every year from the 3rd year onwards.

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