What İs A Tire? - 17 Mart 2020

Tire Truth
The only point of contact of the motorcycle or scooter with the road is the tire. The total contact surface of the two tires of your motorcycle with the road is equal to the two credit card surfaces. Therefore, it is important to maintain the quality and performance of your tires.

What is a Tire?
The tire is formed by the combination of many products and is divided into two as radial and cross folded according to the belt structures. The main duties of the tire are; It can be listed as directing the vehicle, carrying the vehicle and providing comfort. However, the most important factor for the tire to perform these tasks correctly is the correct air pressure inside the tire.

Tires by Structure;

In crosswise tires, the floors are arranged diagonally and each floor is opposite each other. These layers are also folded over the heel wire bundle. The most important features of the tires in this structure are that they provide driving comfort on uneven ground and their price is more affordable.

In radially structured tires, the floors are placed radially from heel to toe, that is to form a 90 degree angle with the heel wire bundle. Its most important features are its smooth driving at high speeds and superior cornering performance.

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