Tire Retrieval Guide

Tire Selection Tires fitted on the new vehicle at the factory are called original equipment. In line with the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturer and tire manufacturer, it is possible to install different tires on the vehicle, provided that

What İs A Tire?

Tire Truth The only point of contact of the motorcycle or scooter with the road is the tire. The total contact surface of the two tires of your motorcycle with the road is equal to the two credit card surfaces. Therefore, it is important to maintain

How To Read A Tire?

How to Read a Tire? The sidewall of the tire is filled with information that shows all the information about the tire, if you want, let's take a look at this information with an example tire. 1. It shows the name of the tire brand. 2. It hows

Motorcycle Tires Maintenance Guide

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT TIRE: Tire Assembly Fitting, disassembling, inflating and balancing of tires must be done by qualified personnel with suitable materials, without ignoring the following: Compliance with the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations

Tire Air Pressure

AIR PRESSURE IS VERY IMPORTANT! Since a tire naturally loses pressure, its pressure needs to be adjusted periodically; this control will allow any abnormal pressure loss to be detected. This check must be carried out on all tires of the vehicle. Tires

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